Kobetic and Dedu shined against Sävehof

26 jan 2019,
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Kobetic and Dedu shined against Sävehof
It was a meeting of polar opposites, as Siofok had enjoyed a perfect record in the previous matches, while Savehof sat bottom of Group B with zero points.

So the Hungarian side’s victory looks completely logical, and it allowed them to secure a spot in the next round.

However, they should be credited for a decent game this time. Early in the second half, Savehof even were in front 18:17, but could not keep it going. Yet even in the 52th minute, the teams were still separated by one goal as Siofok led 23:22.

Olivia Mellegard had a chance to draw level, but missed her shot before Siofok’s top scorer Andrea Kobetic scored twice to make it 25:22. The Croatian ended up with ten goals in that match, and her team was more clinical in the closing minutes, winning by six goals.