"It is already 12 years now I started to take part in the handball life of Siófok. From the beginning I had a vision what I would like to achieve. Now I can say we are on the half way. We had already built 2 training halls, the Szilard Kiss Dormitory and in the middle of this season Arena of Kiss Szilard will be completed. This will be our new home. From 01.06.2017. the new head coach of the first team will be Lars Rasmussen. A 3-year conception begins and at the end of it, we can achieve our goals. It is obvious that we would like to be succesful both in Hungary and Europe. In long term SKC would like to belong to the top 3 teams in Hungary. For the time being we are the only first division team in Somogy county and we are proudly represent this area. We build the club step by step in order to bring it closer to the locals."
Janos Fodor - Managing director